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How Chatling Works

Train the chatbot on your data, customize to match your brand, and add to your website in minutes.

Add Sources

1. Add data sources

Enter the resources that the chatbot should be trained on. You can enter a website or sitemap URL, upload documents like PDF, Microsoft Word, and TXT files, enter text manually, and more. You can add as many data sources as necessary. The chatbot will consume all the resources and train itself.

1. Add data sources

2. Customize the Chatbot

Customize every aspect of the chatbot to match your branding and configure it according to your needs.

2. Customize the Chatbot

3. Embed on your Website

Add the chatbot to any website by copying the widget code and pasting it in your website's header. The chatbot will become visible and start responding to customer queries instantly.

3. Embed on your Website

4. Get insights from conversations

View all the conversations your customers are having with the chatbot and get insights into what your customers are looking for and how the chatbot is performing. You can also fine-tune the chatbot's responses to improve its accuracy.

4. Get insights from conversations

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Why Use Chatling?

Here's how our AI chatbot can set up your business for success

Increased customer satisfaction

Training the chatbot on your business data, such as website resources and knowledge base, can answer customers accurately and resolve their queries instantly.

Automatic setup

Setting up the chatbot is straightforward. You only need to provide the data sources, and the chatbot will train itself. No coding or manual triggers are required.

Reduce customer support workload

The chatbot can respond to customer inquiries accurately and instantly, reducing the workload for your customer support team. It also frees up your team to focus on more complex issues.

Available 24/7

With 24/7 availability, your customers can get instant support whenever needed, leading to a better experience.

Cost-effective solution

With minimal human intervention, the chatbot reduces the need for a large customer support team and helps businesses save on labor costs.

Multilingual support

The chatbot can understand and respond to customer inquiries in any language.


Delivers a conversational experience that mimics human interaction, fostering enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.

Increased sales

With the chatbot's ability to provide immediate and accurate responses, potential customers can receive timely information. This instant availability significantly reduces the risk of losing interested prospects due to delayed or inadequate responses.

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